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Sri Sarangapani Temple

Thirukudanthai Divyadesam - Sarangapani Temple - 3rd Among the 108 Divyadesams - Hymned by 7 Alwars with 51 Pasurams -
Thirukkudanthai Divyadesam familiarly worshipped as Sarangapani Temple is One among the Pancha Ranga Kshetrams, which is also being worshipped as Kalyanapuram and Sarangapattinam is located in heart of the Holy Town Kumbakonam. It’s the biggest Sree Vaishnava Temple of the city. Temple’s Sanctum Sanctorum has two entrances, the first one is for the period of Uthrayanam and the other for the remaining period of Dhakshinayanam. Sarangapani Temple is one of the Pancha Ranga Kshetrams. The other four are Srirangam and Thirupper Nagar known as Koviladi in Trichy, Thiru Indhalur in Mayiladuthurai and Sree Rangapattinam in Karnataka. Pancha Ranga Kshetrams are a Group of Temples in which Lord Ranganathar is blessing on the Bank of River Cauvery. The Only Divyadesam in a Chariot Shape - The special feature is that the temple itself is in the Shape of a Chariot. Here the ALMIGHTY holds a bow called Sarngam hence HE is being worshipped as Sarngapani. Thayar is Komalavalli Thayar. Since SHE never went out of the temple for any reason SHE is been worshipped as Padi Thaandaa Pathini. This is the 3rd Divyadesam hymned by 7 Azhwars with their 51 Pasurams. The First one is Srirangam, hymned by 11 Alwars with 247 Pasuarms. The Second one is Thiruvenkatam familiarly worshipped as Thirumala Tirupati which which was as hymned by 9 Azhwars with 202 Pasurams.

Once there was a Devotee named Lakshmi Narayana Swami spending his entire time to serve in this temple and dedicated his life to Aaravamudhan here in Thirukkudanthai Divyadesam. He was a bachelor with no relatives and was threatened by the neighbours that who would do his last rites after his life time. By hearing this he was so much worried and surrendered himself to the ALMIGHTY. Pleased Aaravamudhan assured him that he would take care of his last rites and no need to be worry. Later when Lakshmi Narayana Swami passed away, the ALMIGHTY HIMSELF had come as a Brahmin Boy and done Shirartham for him.Once Sage Bhirugu went to Vaikundham to worship Lord Maha Vishnu. At that time HE was in Yoga Nithra. But Sage felt that he was insulted and kicked of the ALMIGHTY in HIS Chest, where Goddess Maha Lakshi resides. Angry Goddess left from the Lord. Being Left alone ALMIGHTY later transferred HIMSELF to Lord Sreenivasa  and married Padhmavathi Thayar in Tirumala Tirupati.  By hearing this through Naradha Muni, Goddess Lakshmi got annoyed and underwent severe penance. SHE was born as a Child Komalavalli here in Thirukkudanthai. Sage Hema Mahirishi found and took a baby girl. He took care of her till SHE attains the age to get married. At Last pleased Paranthaman came in a Chariot and married Thayar here in Sarangapani Temple. By admitting the mistake of left the ALMIGHTY alone, Thayar assured Him that SHE never ever leave HIM alone. Hence SHE is being worshipped here as Padi Thaandaa Paththini. As Thayar got annoyed because of ALMIGHTY married Padmavathi. HE gave her an assurance that HE never marry any one here and took Sarngam - A Bow of Sree Rama, Avathar of One Man – One Wife Format of Life, hence HE is being worshipped as Sarngapani. As the ALMIGHTY came in HIS Chariot to marry Thayar, the temple itself in Chariot Shape.

Nalayira Divyaprabandham ( 4000 Divya Prabandham ) - A Tamil Veda for Sree Vaishnavites - Sre Vaishnavas worship Nalayira Divyaprabandham as holy as Vedas and they call it as Tamil Veda. Over a period time the hymns sung by all the 12 Azhwars were lost. One fine day, when a Saint named Nadhamunigal were worshipping the ALMIGHTY here in Thirukkudanthai Divyadesam had a chance to hear some of the pasurams started with "Aaraa Amudhe“ by some devotees in the temple. He was very much attracted by those pasurams and had a thrust to collect all the pasurams and started searching for. He then heard that descendants of Madhurakavi Azhwar were having some hymns. He went all the way to Thirukkovilur there and collected those hymns starting with “Kanninum Sirithambu”. At that time Nammazhwar appeared before him as a old man. He tested Nadhamuni vigorously. Finally he gave him all the pasurams. Nadhamuni then compiled all pasurams into one and named as “Nalayira Divyaprabandham” in which Azhwars Praised and Worshipped the ALMIGHTY along with HIS Consorts as a God, a Baby, a Friend and a even as a Consort