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Sri Oppiliappan Temple

Thiruvinnagar Divyadesam - Sree Oppiliappan Temple - The Only Divyadesam Where the Naivedhyams are Offerred Without Salt - Thiruvaiinagar Oppiliappan Temple also being worshipped as Tulasi Vanam and Margandeya Kshetram. It is located 7 KM south of Kumbakonam, the City of Temples. Moolavar is Sree Oppiliappan with Consort Bhoomidevi Nachiyar. This is the One and Only Divyadesam where the ALMIGHTY is being worshipped in HIS Five Forms as Ponnappan, Maniappan, Mutthappan, Vinnagarappan and Ennappan. The Legend of the Kshetram Thulasi Vanam - Once Tulsi did a penance here and asked the ALMIGHTY that as HE was bearing Goddess Lakshmi Devi in HIS chest, she also wanted the blessing like that. Lord was pleased and told that Goddess occupied HIS chest only after the deep penance and also added that very soon Goddess Lakshmi would be going to born as a child in Bhoologam. and asked Tulsi  also to go prior to Goddess and do penance in Thiruvinnagar Divyadesam - Oppiliappan Koil.

During that time Sage Margandeyar - Son of Mirugandu Mahirishi worshipped the ALMIGHTY and desired for the Boon that Goddess Lakshmi should born as his Daughter and HE should become his Son-in-Law. Pleased Paranthaman offered him the boon what he desired. Margandeyar reached this temple and underwent a deep penance for 1000s of years. One fine day he found a female child in Thulasi Vanam ( Garden with full of Tulsi ). He possessed the child and took care of her. The young girl reached the adolescent age. One day an Old Man approached the sage and said that he wanted to marry his daughter. Margandeyar replied that she is too young and she was not even comfortable to prepare the food with adeqaute salt. But the old man responded that even if his daughter makes food without salt HE will accept.  Without knowing what to do, Sage sought the help of ALMIGHTY. He then realized because of his Thabobhalam - Gnana Drushti that the Old Man was none other than the Lord Maha Vishnu and his Daughter is Goddess Lakshmi Devi. When he opened his eyes Lord gave him HIS Darshan with his Conch and Discus ( Sangu and Chakra ) as HE Blesses in Vaikundham. Sage regretted and immediately performed the Kannigadhaanam ( The Marrige ) of her daughter to the ALMIGHTY. Since HE married a young child who was not even know how to prepare the food with adequate salt, ALMIGHTY told that here in Oppiliyappankoil HE accepts Naivedhyam Only without Salt.  No one should never ever take eatables as Naivedhyam for any reasons containing salt inside Oppiliappan Koil if any one does by knowingly he will suffer in the Hell.

Since Tulsi underwent penance here this place is also known as Thulasi Vanam. Pleased by the penance of Tulsi, the ALMIGHTYy offered her the boon that Tulsi is much more percious to HIM in this Kshetram. Worshipping Him with even with a leaf of Tulsi would be considered equivalent to Aswamedha Yaagam. He would wear only Tulsi first and then only marry Goddess Lakshmi Devi in HIS marriage. Tulsi Garland is the the one HE will accept here in Thiruvinnagaram Divyadesam. As HE married daughter of Margandeya here this Divyadesam is also called as Margandeya Kshetram. Nammazhwar praised HIM as Thannoppaarillaappan ( Oppum Migaiyu Ilaathavan - there is no one equivalent or superior to HIM ). Those who are not able to go to Tirupathi  can worship Sree Oppiliappan in Thiru Vinnagaram, as a worship here is considered equivalent to worshipping Tirumala Tirupathi. Lord Oppiliappan is being worshipped the Elder Brother of Tirupathi Srinivasan. Every month, Shravanam Day is being celebrated in a grand manner here, which is held at around 11 A.M. on that day is a big event that atracts pilgrims from all over. Sri Ramanavami is being celebrated for 10 Days on a grand scale here with music and dance performances. On the concluding day, Kanagabhishekam and Sree Ramar Pattabhishekam are being conducted in a grand manner. Theertham is Ahorathra Pushkarini

Ahorastra Pushkarini – The One and Only Pushkarini Where Pilgrims can take their divine bath even after the sunset and in the night time. Once a King was cursed by a Sage and was born as a bird. One Day the Bird after the sunset was reaching his nestle. At that it was assaulted by a hunter and the bird fell down to the Holy Tank of this temple. Suddenly it became the original King. Till then this Theertham is called as “Ahorastra Pushkarani", where even after the sunset and night time devotees can take bath. Normally as per the scriptures devotees should not take bath in any of the holy tanks after the sunset at any circumstances. Oppiliappankoil Vimanam is being worshipped as "Sudhanandha Vimanam", means The Complete Happiness, where as Thirumala Tirupati Temple Vimanam is being worshipped as "Anandha Vimanam".Swami Desikan Sannidhi is located on the left side of the prakaram and Siriya Thiruvadi Hanuman is blessing on the Right Side. Sree Rama in also blessing next to the Desikan Sannidhi.