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Thiruvidaimarudur Temple

Thiruvidamimaruthur Sree Mahalinga Swamy Temple – is with an imposing Temple Tower and A Huge Siva Lingam enshrined in the Sanctum Sanctorum. It is a Mahalinga Sthalam and also one of the Jothilinga Sthalam. It is one of the Panchakrosha Sthalams. Ammbal Shrine is one of the Sakthi Bheetas. Chakkara Maha Meru is installed here. Goddess Uma, Lord Vinayakar, Lord Murugan, Lord Perumal, Goddess Maha Lakshimi, Goddess Saraswati, Vashista Mahirishi, Agasthya Muni, Saint Pattinathar, Saint Badhragiriyar, Roma Mahirishi, Kapila Muni, Markandiya Mahirishi, Sivavakiya Siddhar are got blessed by the Mahalingar. This place is named as Idaimarudur as it is located in between Srisailam and Ambasamudram. It is also called Shanbagaranya, Saktipura, Tapovana, Muktipura etc. The presiding Deity is Mahalinga (Great Linga) because Siva worshipped Himself. Her consort is Perunalamamulaiammai. She is Bruhatsundara Gujamabika. In her Shrine is a cell facing north. This is the temple of Mookaambika (in North Indian style). The Goddess is in the pose of doing penance. She is mentioned as Pidari Parameeswari in inscripitions. There are many Lingas in the Shrine. Agasthiya Linga, Kasyapa Linga, Chola Linga , Chera Linga, Sahasara Linga, Panchabhuta Linga, a cluster of 27 Lingas behind Chokkanatha are some. Relief From Brahmahathi Dosam - Brahmahathi (Hathi- sin caused by a murder – Brahminicide) is found in the south wall (south torana vayil) with head disheveled and face immersed betwixt the knees. Varaguna Pandiya’s horse accidentally crushed a Brahmin and killed him. The sin followed wherever he went. The king came to this temple. The Brahmahathi could not enter and waited outside. The king went out by another entrance. The Brahmahathi is waiting outside still. The king was relieved of his melody. People inflicted with mental disorders go round the circumambulatory path and get redress. Sthala purana written by Sivakkolundu Deshika of Kottaiyar Marudavana Puranam. There is an Ula written by Mahavidvan Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai. The Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, Thiruvidaimarudur Mummanikkovai, Thiruppazh, Thiruvidaimaurudur Pathirruppathanthathi, Thiruvidaimaurudur Kalambakam, Thiruvidaimarudur Nondi Natakam contain sufficient information about the temple. Kandapuranam, Lingapurana, Brahmavaivartham and Sivarahasya mention the glory of the Lord. This temple is maintained by Thiruvavadudurai Adheenam. His Holiness Seervalarseer Sivaprakasha Deshika Swamigal (23rd Gurumagasannidhanam), adorns the throne of the Adheena and doing all kinds of spiritual (Sivatthondu and Tamilthondu) and social service. It is one of the biggest Thers (Temple Car) of Tamilnadu. It measures 89 feet from top (tip of the Kalasams) to bottom (ground level).The octagonal lower part of the, measuring 14½ feet (length) and 14½ feet was carved beautifully. The axles (cuboids) on the outer surface of the wheels measure 29 feet (length), 1¾ feet (width) and 1¾ feet (height). The rampant wooden horses which fastened in front of the Ther measure 25½ (length) and 8 feet (circumference of the body). The Kodimaram (flag post) on the Ther measures 24 feet (height). The inner large rope (Ul vadam) tied around the Ther measures 800 feet. The outer cable (large rope- Vadam) used to pull the Ther by 5000 people (man power) measures 1000 feet. The pedestal on the Ther measures 14½ x 14½. The wooden sculptures such as Panchamurtis, Kayilayakkatchi, Narasimhamurti, Bairava, Chandra, the worship of Mahalingeswara (seated beneath the Maruda tree) by Vinayaka and Ambikai, His Holiness Gurumaha sannidhanam and other sculptures are worth mentioning here. The Ther was donated to the temple by Amarsingh’s son Pratap singh(Simha) in 1800 AD. He had presented a silver Ratha (chariot) also. There is a small wooden Ther for procession during the Tamil month Adi.